About Us

Couple riding electric bikes

While walking the Red Rocks park in Colorado back in 2017, the Founders of EZ Electric Scooters were exploring the idea of buying Electric Bikes or having an Electric Bike stand in the park.  With a little research and thought, they decided the first step would be to start a small venture and see how it goes.  Now, after much success, both have teamed up and created an online one-stop-shop for all different types of Electric Bikes and scooters.

At EZ Electric Scooters we take great pride in being distributors of high-quality and high performance Electric Powered Scooters. Whether it’s the great outdoors you’re exploring or you just need a comfortable and safe ride to shop at the mall, we are so proud to bring that experience to virtually anywhere wheels glide. We love the idea of electric scooters being an eco-friendly alternative to fuel sources, while still giving you the ability to add speed to your outing!

Contact us today to talk to our friendly E Bike Enthusiasts if you need more information or want to find the best fit for your needs.  You are at the right place! Now is the time to buy an Electric bike and explore the GREAT outdoors.

The founders believe in taking care of those who have taken care of you! Our bikes are not just for the young explorers, we also have many options to choose from for our active seniors. Our Products will allow outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of the ride and overcome the challenges of physical limitations and be INDEPENDENT.

Go ahead! You have the power to Explore all terrains with EZ Products!